Snowy Red Rocks

Snow Capped Red Rocks

The day after we had 14″+ snow dumped on us, I had to drop some paperwork off at Roxborough State Park office. I must have viewed this rock formation a hundred times but it never quite grabbed my attention the way it did this day. Kind of wish I had the good camera and lens but this cell phone shot will have to do for now.

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More Snowy Reds

This gallery is images shot at Arrowhead Golf Club, next to Roxborough State Park. When the fresh snow hits, it is one of my favorite locations to shoot.

Red Rocks on Ice

Red Rocks at Arrowhead

Whenever the weather changes, this is one of my go to places for captures I truly enjoy. The way the snow or ice dresses the landscape is spectacular to my eyes. I have been asked to submit the image on the left to a gallery show in March 2015 and am thrilled to have the opportunity. It is also available for sale thru Fine Art America.

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Arrowhead Dawn

Tony Lazzari, Photographer
Dawn Over Arrowhead GC

Dawn Over Arrowhead Golf Club

Pretty much struck out shooting meteors this morning, but the sunrise over Arrowhead Golf Club was worth capturing with my Sony A77 & Rokinon 2.8/14mm. A bit of processing in Lightroom for some exposure adjustments. Click thru for a full sized image.


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Autumn 2014

Early October Front Range

More images from Autumn 2014. This set is primarily in the Deckers, Co area in and around Cheesman Lake. I had driven thru this area last year and noticed the fire damage. I was surprised to find that the Hayman Fire occurred in 2002! Twelve years previously. It does take nature a long time to recover from our impact.

Late September Exploring

This set, from late September includes a few from the Park County side of Boreas Pass (first 2) and then various images from Guanella Pass. On this particular day I headed up from the Georgetown side.  NOTE: From the slid show view of any image you can scroll below to click and see a full size image. For some reason, better color is gown in the full size than the slide show.