Exploring Rifle, Co

Rifle Falls State Park

My first winter trip to the park with a couple of photographer friends to capture some of the winter beauty. While the ice caves weren’t quite up to expectations, there was enough to capture some of the natural delights. I did play a bit with long exposure for the falls to soften the water flow, and I am happy with how the images turned out.

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Ice Reflections

I find myself fascinated lately with the slight top melt we see on lakes and rivers during these warmer days in the Front Range of Colorado. The reflective properties of this thin layer are stunning, especially on blue sky days. This were taken at Chatfield State Park here in Littleton. Wrigley, after a bit of hesitation, had a great time running the ice and rolling in the snow. The last image was taken late last year along the Platte River in Waterton Canyon.

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Red Rocks on Ice

Red Rocks at Arrowhead

Whenever the weather changes, this is one of my go to places for captures I truly enjoy. The way the snow or ice dresses the landscape is spectacular to my eyes. I have been asked to submit the image on the left to a gallery show in March 2015 and am thrilled to have the opportunity. It is also available for sale thru Fine Art America.

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