St John’s Cathedral Denver Co

St John’s Episcopal Cathedral

Had the opportunity recently to spend some time inside this magnificent church. Some of the images are HDR. As always, click thru on any image for a larger version and the exif detail. Also, these images are optimized for the web and are not suitable for printing or enlargement. If you have a desire to do that, please contact me for licensing information.

Castlewood Canyon Waterfall

Tony Lazzari, PhotographerCastlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado.  The waterfall is accessed from the west entrance. Go to the last parking area and it is a short hike (less than 1/4 mi) to the overlook area.

The image was shot at 1/5 sec @ f10, 50mm lens and an ISO of 80. Processed in Lightroom 5 and PhotoShop.

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