Spring in Roxborough Park

The birds are starting to fill the air here in Roxborough. And, fighting the spring snows a bit, the flora is starting to assert itself. Today we had 4″ of fresh snow in the morning and 60+ temperatures in the afternoon. Gotta love a Colorado Spring!

Lake Chatfield Hawks

Red Tail Hawks

Many thanks to the FB group Front Range Wildlife Photographers for their patience in helping me identify these as immature Red Tail Hawks. The significant characteristics are the naked tarsus, chest banding, striped tail, and the dark patch on the leading edge of the wing. Again, the location for these sightings was Lake Chatfield State Park. Click through on an image for a full size complete with EXIF data.

The geese are just for fun. Their take off over the fields against the Colorado blue sky struck me. While a common site around here, I still enjoy the view.Tony Lazzari, Photographer