Dusk at Garden Of The Gods

Garden of the Gods

While down in Manitou Springs this afternoon to drop off an image for an upcoming gallery showing, we took the opportunity to drive thru Garden of the Gods during the blue hour. Sometimes the stars align and you can grab an interesting image.  The first was taken facing southwest with the setting sun streaming thru the gap in the sandstone formations. The second was from the back, sun facing side.

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Snowy Red Rocks

Snow Capped Red Rocks

The day after we had 14″+ snow dumped on us, I had to drop some paperwork off at Roxborough State Park office. I must have viewed this rock formation a hundred times but it never quite grabbed my attention the way it did this day. Kind of wish I had the good camera and lens but this cell phone shot will have to do for now.

As always, click thru on the image for a larger version and the exif data. This image has been optimized for the web and is not of sufficient resolution for printing.

More Snowy Reds

This gallery is images shot at Arrowhead Golf Club, next to Roxborough State Park. When the fresh snow hits, it is one of my favorite locations to shoot.