Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park Afternoon

In need of a little head clearing earlier this week,  I wandered up to RMNP to poke around and see what was to be seen. Cold, crisp, and snowy conditions, and temps in the high 20’s were a wake up! The lakes, for the most part were frozen over and snow covered. The dryness of the air and gusty winds made for some interesting snow devils dancing across the lakes.

The changes in altitude gave view to different conditions also. Blowing snow at Bear Lake (9500′), clearer at Sprague Lake (8733′), and clear at Moraine Valley made for some interesting views. I especially like the scene below at Moraine Park. The clear meadow, snow/fog shrouded mountains in the distance, topped by blue skies. It is a perfect representation of the drive.

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Trail Ridge Road Cruise

Trail Ridge Road

Trial Ridge Road opened a bit later this year as a result of the late spring snows. But once opened the views were as spectacular as always. While I did not do the whole length this trip, I did spend some time exploring Lake Granby and Monarch Lakes just outside of the park. Definitely added to my list of places to camp, sooner rather than later.

Once into RMNP, the elk were out and enjoying the afternoon sun. It amazed my the number of tourists that closely approached them for a good picture. And the marmots were out at the top, and largely ignored.

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